Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (And Help Someone Else Have Theirs, Too)


Hello lovies,

I just wanted to stop by on here and wish you all a very merry christmas. I hope with all my heart that you are all smiling today and enjoy the time with your loved ones.

While I hope that most of you have a christmas filled with love, joy and happiness, let us not forget about those less fortunate, people who have lost their loved ones, children who live on the streets, people who won't be having a christmas meal this year.
Down below I have listed some charities to which you can donate in order to put a smile on someone else's face, too. Even the smallest donation helps.

Thank you so much! If you know any other organizations, leave a link in the comments.

Lots of love to you,


Donate here:


Outfit: Satin Paisley Scarf & Sneakers


Hello lovies,

I hope you're all doing well. Today I want to share a simple, comfortable and yet chic everyday look with you. It's been one of my go to looks for the past weeks - before it started snowing. ;)
It has two key essentials: A good pair of sneakers and a poly satin paisley scarf. 

If you're like me and usually tend to wear dark colors, you can make your outfit interesting by just adding these two items. 
I love scarfs like these in fall because they feel lighter than those big, cuddly scarfs you can hide your face in, but they still give you a bit of protection against the cold, plus they're very much in fashion. 

I wore a coat with this, which might be a bit more of a chic way to wear it, which I liked, but you can also pair it with a leather or suede jacket to make it look a bit more edgy. 
Underneath I just wore my favorite pair of jeans and a plain black sweater - super easy, super comfy.

Let me know in the comments if you like this look. What is your go to look for fall?

Thank you for reading and lots of love,


Scarf: here
Sneakers: here
Coat: here
Jeans: here
Sweater: here


Late Night Thoughts: Balance


It is Saturday night an I'm alone in a flat that I have now lived in for almost two months. It's nights like these where I can only begin to process how much has happened in these past weeks. I started university and am now about to write my first exam. I moved in with my boyfriend and am now happier than I've ever been, but am I really?
Right now I feel like my life consists of two things: education and love. And while I'm incredibly grateful for both, I do feel like something is missing, and that is to do something for myself.
In these eventful last weeks I did not once find time to do that - whatever it may be. What I miss most is feeling healthy and balanced, and I know that the key to change that, for me, is being active.

Don't get me wrong, I'd be down for a relaxed night in anytime, but since my life has always been influenced by sports since me and my boyfriend have both been competitive rowers, and I really do miss it. Sports have always been a way to get me to feel good.
So, on this Saturday night, I choose to listen to myself and make my own well being a priority.
How? I don't know yet. I am trying to work it out and have collected a few motivational tips for you and me.

1. Listen to what your body tells you
Getting back into working out regularly (or just starting out) is not going to work if you set unrealistic goals. Listen to your body - if you feel like being active, great, get out there and do it! However, if you're exhausted, don't force yourself to still get a workout in. Nothing good ever comes out of things that you do with a lack of motivation.

2. Do it for yourself
If you want to get fit and healthy, do it for yourself. Doing it to look like someone you look up to or to impress boys is not going to work. You have to be in it for yourself.

3. Plan your "Me-Time"
Try sparing at least 30 Minutes of your day for yourself only. What you do with them is up to you - you can use them to workout, or even just to go on a walk, cook yourself your favorite meal or watch the latest episode of your favorite series.

Don't forget, the person that is most responsible for your happiness is yourself! I am going to try and accept this responsibility - and I'm going to take you along for the ride and keep you posted.

Lots of love,


The Past Seven Days #2


Happy sunday lovies. Here's what happened in my life this past week.

Best of the week: I got a very very very late acceptance letter to the one uni I really wanted to go to. It was a huge surprise because I never thought they'd take me, but I applied anyway and they rejected me, but the "clearing" got me in, and even though it was so last minute, I'm very happy and excited.

Worst of the week: With the acceptance letter coming in so last minute, I got really nervous and overwhelmed with the whole situation. I got the letter on friday, so I already missed the first week, and am now going to have to start on monday (tomorrow!!!). If you have any tips on starting uni and making friends, please share them with me!

Product of the week: I am absolutely obsessed with the Gliss Kur Liquid Silk Conditioner. I have never used a conditioner that works so well on my hair and makes it feel so soft. Love!!!

Onlineshop Favourite of the Week: I have fallen in love with this super cute bag from Asos. I could imagine wearing this with so many different outfits. Just look at the details, I mean... :-)

Song of the Week: The Mowgli's - Spacin Out

See more of my week on Snapchat (fia.snaps). I hope you've had an amazing week and your next one is going to be even better.



Sweater Season


Hey lovies,

now that summer slowly comes to an end and the days are getting shorter and colder again, there's no better time to invest in some cozy sweaters (or to dig out your old favourites). I loooove to buy sweaters in fall not only because it's sweater season but because they come in such beautiful colors, all the browns and reds and curry tones that I like so much.
So today I'm sharing my favourite picks with you and hope you love them as much as I do. Let me know what you think!



Sweater Weather

Cropped top
€235 - harrods.com

Chloé mohair sweater
€985 - net-a-porter.com

White House Black Market open shoulder top
€79 - whitehouseblackmarket.com

CO loose fitting top
€715 - net-a-porter.com

The Row white jumper
€1.515 - thewebster.us

Oversized top
€23 - shein.com

WithChic brown sweater
€28 - withchic.com

Jonathan Simkhai turtle neck top
€190 - theoutnet.com

Americanflat colorful wall art
€62 - kohls.com

Wick candle
€18 - bowery.com.au


The Past Seven Days #1


Happy sunday lovies. Here's what happened in my life this past week.

Best of the week: When I clicked the "Browse" section of Spotify this week, they suggested autumn playlists and it made me so happy!!! I'm so ready for fall.

Worst of the week: As you might know from Instagram or Snapchat, I'm moving out of home and in with my boyfriend and to another city, which I'm very excited about, but right now, all the moving is just stressing me out. I don't even want to go shopping for Interior things anymore, which is very unnormal for me. Hopefully by the end of next week, we'll be done with most of the things we have to do.

Product of the week: I wrote a separate blogpost on the "Nude Embrace" Lipstick from Maybelline. Definitely my favorite purchase of this month so far. Read it here.

Onlineshop Favourite of the Week: I have hopelessly fallen in love with this gorgeous bag from New Look that I found on Asos. Isn't it such beautiful color?

Song of the Week: I loved listening to two very calming songs this week; "Magnetized" by Tom Odell and James Arthur's comeback single "Say You Won't Let Go".

See more of my week on Snapchat (fia.snaps). I hope you've had an amazing week and your next one is going to be even better.



Nude Embrace


Hello lovies,

I met my friends for a little shopping trip the other day and I picked up what I know is going to be my new favorite everyday lipstick: The Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Lipstick in the Color 930 Nude Embrace.
I've been looking for a nude lipstick that I can wear everyday for so long, but I've had such a hard time finding one that doesn't look orange on my lips, because that's what nude colors tend to do on me.
"Nude embrace" is a really beautiful nude tone, it lasts for a really long time and it feels really soft on the lips, so after all the disappointments I had with my past lipstick purchases, I'm really happy with this one.
Let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions on a lipstick similar to this one.
I hope you're all having a good week.

Lots of love,


Absolute Rose


For the past few months, the "Absolute Nude" Palette by Catrice has been my go to eyeshadow palette, until recently I ran out of my favourite shade. It was a beautiful shimmery rose tone that I would just put all over the lid when I felt lazy.
So the other day, I went out to get a new palette or at least find a similar eyeshadow, which was when I discovered Catrice's "Absolute Rose" palette.

It includes the six most beautiful rose / taupe tones, some shimmery, some matt, and all of them are very nicely pigmented as you can see in the picture below. I mainly use the second or third one of the lighter shades on my whole lid and then apply one of the darker shades to my crease to add some definition.

Swatches as seen on Catrice.eu

These colours are perfect for a glowy, summery make up look, but can also look both natural and chic. Especially if you have green/ish eyes, rose tones will accentuate the colour of your eyes beautifully. You can order it here.
Let me know if you tried this palette or a similar one in the comments below, I'd love to hear about your thoughts!


The Beginning


Hello my loves, my name is Fia (Frederika actually, but I prefer Fia), I’m 18 years old and just about to start university.
Since I was little, I was fascinated by fashion and fotography and fashion and lifestyle magazines soon became my daily lectures. I had soon developed a passion for all of those things but never had the courage to do something about it.
However, I don’t think it takes much in life to be happy, but one of the main keys to happiness is to do what you love. So far in my life, I’ve only dreamed about the things I wanted to do, but, now more than ever, I feel like it’s time to start pursuing those dreams.
In an attemempt to be a better, happier version of myself, I have decided to document this journey, among many other things, on „Fabrics & Feathers“. So welcome to my own little space on the internet, I hope you enjoy.