About Last Week #4


Happy sunday lovies. Here's what happened in my life this past week.

Best of the week: I finally went to see La La Land and it has now become my new favorite movie. I loved everything about it, it was one of the movies that really affected me emotionally and got me thinking about life and happiness and purchasing your dreams. Since I came back from the movies I have basically listened to the soundtrack non stop and yes, I did already preorder the dvd. Guess I went a bit crazy ;)

Worst of the week: Overall this week has been a really good one. I've had a lot of time for the people and the things I love now that exams are over, but it has also given me a lot of time to think, and I tend to overthink things way too much which I don't feel is very beneficial to my mental well-being. I find it really hard to accept simple and easy happiness because it is not something I'm used to, so in the next weeks I really want to try and be in the moment and not think too much.

Product of the week: As I told you in my January Favorites Post (here) I have fallen in love with the Rituals Shower Foam "Yogi Flow". It is so relaxing and smells and feels amazing. I definitely want to try more products from their "The Rituals of Ayurveda" series, because this one has seriously impressed me.

Onlineshop Favourite of the Week:  How pretty is this leather jacket from Missguided I found on Asos? I need this in my closet asap! Shop here.

Song of the Week: I'm sorry if I annoy you with my La La Land obsession but I absolutely love every single song from the soundtrack, it's amazing, so intense and beautiful and just perfect.

How has your week been? Let's chat in the comments.

See more of my week on Snapchat (lace.lilies) or check out my instagram stories (lace.and.lilies). I hope you've had an amazing week and your next one is going to be even better.

Lots of Love,

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